NLSA Webinar on Team Ministry

Your NLSA team is excited to announce the first NLSA Powerful Practice Webinar for this 2017-2018 school year.  The first of eight NLSA webinars will be held tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, September 19th, @ 4:00 pm, Central Ttime.  Tomorrow's webinar will be led by Principal David Florine and the ministry team at St. John's, Arnold, MO and is  entitled: "Team Ministry - Making the Grade. Taking Average to Excellent.

Team Ministry - Making the Grade
The letter "C" often gets a bad rap, particularly in education, "C" is not good, nor is it great.  It is certainly a passing grade, but there is nothing compelling about it.  It is ordinary.

Average. Common.  Ho hum.  But it doesn't have to be that way. St. John has taken the letter "C" and actually made it extraordinary.  Excellent.  Outstanding.  By implementing three areas of focus - all that begin with the letter "C" - they've turned the school and church's relationship that very well could be average into something much, much more.

Advance registration to these webinars is not required and there is no cost to attend. To participate, simply log-in to the link and enter the conference room:

Attendance is limited to the first 100 guests who log-in to the event.  All live NLSA Powerful Practice webinars are held at 4 PM CT and are later archived for on-demand viewing viathe new LuthEd platform (  The LuthEd platform replaces the Lutheran school portal.