Hearts for Jesus

Each year, the Minnesota South District chooses a project to support with their prayers and offerings throughout the school year.

This is a wonderful opportunity for LCMS schools and centers to support a designated mission outreach ministry through prayers and offerings each year. Hearts for Jesus gives schools the opportunity to support children beyond their school.

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2019-2020 Mission Project: Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries

The designated project for the 2019-2020 school year is Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries.

Helping Hands is a Lutheran mission created in response to the great physical, emotional, and spiritual losses incurred from years of life under communism, as well as current threats to those living in this part of the world. Through their work, Helping Hands assists the most vulnerable by providing compassionate support and resources that address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people.

Helping Hands has several programs that work with children, including the following:

  • At orphanages . . . insufficient staffing limits babies’ contact with humans, making speech and other developmental delays common. Helping Hands provides babas (grannies) to rock the children, read to them, and tell them Bible narratives. These small interactions with people who love them helps the children overcome developmental delays. Helping Hands Bulgaria also periodically provides formula, diapers, toys, and clothing to orphanages.

  • At a daycare program for disabled children . . . insufficient staffing and lack of understanding can lead to neglect. Helping Hands provides nurses to help the children. Additionally, care packages of food and spiritual materials are given to families of the disabled children on major holidays.

  • At orphanages and high schools . . . education is lacking around issues like abortion, fetal development and other teen topics. Helping Hands travels to orphanages for older children and to high schools to give educational talks for older kids.

Hearts for Jesus resources

Click here to access the online folder with all 2019-2020 Hearts for Jesus resources for schools and centers.

Resources available include a chart outlining stories, puzzles, and activities for younger children (under 9), middle-aged children (9 - 11), and older children (12+). Brochures, posters, and slides are also included. Chapel talks will be added soon!

If there is a resource you’d like but don’t see, email Sarabeth, and she’ll see what she can do.

Past Hearts for Jesus projects

2019-2020: Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries (previously Helping Hands Bulgaria)
2018-2019: School choice
2017-2018: Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM)
2016-2017: Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)
2015-2016: Camp Omega
2014-2015: Rebecca’s Garden of Hope
2013-2014: School choice
2012-2013: Children’s Christian Concern Society
2011-2012: Orphan Grain Train
2010-2011: India Evangelical Lutheran Church
2009-2010: Giving Gardens from Wheat Ridge Ministries
2008-2009: Children’s Bibles for Southeast Asia
2007-2008: The Servant’s Heart—Coins for Kids
2006-2007: Samuel’s Gift—Russian Bibles for Children
2005-2006: Helping Hands Bulgaria / Eastern European Ministries
2004-2005: Dirt Biking and Teaching God’s New Shepherds in Togo, West Africa
2003-2004: Educating Missionary Children—LCMS & Kenya’s Children Fund
2002-2003: Mission India’s Rice Bag program
2001-2002: Hope for China from Wheat Ridge Ministries
2000-2001: Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM)