Opening: Pastoral Care Assistant | Columbia Heights

St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Columbia Heights, is seeking a part-time (15 hrs. / week) pastoral care assistant. This is an administrative ministry role. The ideal candidate is an organized thinker with a caring focus and the ability to delegate, balancing an eye for details with the capacity to see the big picture.
With key spiritual gifts of leadership and administration, this individual will serve alongside our pastor, primarily overseeing the Befriender Ministry, the Griefshare Ministry, and end-of-life and funeral ministries.

If interested, please email Pastor Bill Hugo or Ruth Petersen.

Opening: Extended School Program Director | Corcoran

St. John’s Lutheran School, Corcoran, is looking for a part-time extended school program (ESP) director. The ESP director will lead the school’s extended school program and summer program for grades pre-kindergarten to 8th grade.

ESP is a critical component of the school, where our mission is to nurture young people through God’s Word, sound Lutheran doctrine and worship, and a strong academic foundation. Our goal is to equip students to lead their lives as God’s baptized children in this world wherever He puts them and also be equipped to carry out Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

Job description here. Application here. Questions can be directed to the school administrator, Gretchen Dolan, at or 763-420-2426.

Opening: Preschool Director | Hastings

Hope Christian Preschool, Hastings, is looking for a part-time (approximately 20 hrs. / wk.) preschool director. The preschool director will promote the mission of Hope Christian Preschool by developing, coordinating, and administering early education and extended care programs of exceptional quality, through excellence in Christ-centered leadership and supervision.

Job description available here. Resumes should be sent to

For Sale: Supplemental hymnbooks

Three supplemental hymnbooks for biblical sermon hymns are available from Pastor Lyle Kath, formerly of the MN South District, and current associate pastor at Immanuel, Wahpeton, SD. These hymnbooks are not a replacement for your current hymnal—they are a supplement.

Series A, B, and C use Scripture from each Sunday’s reading, with series A & C including extra hymns and texts from Psalms, Proverbs, and favorite Scriptures many pastors use when preaching outside the pericopes. More information is available on Pr. Kath’s website Questions and orders can be emailed to Pr. Kath by clicking here.

Sermon Hymns B Preview Cover.jpg

Opening: Director of Church Administration | Anoka

Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Anoka, is seeking a part-time (20 hrs. / wk.; salaried) Director of Church Administration. This executive-level role is perfect for a strong, gifted leader who leads from a passionate, relational heart. The ideal candidate is an innovative thinker with a business focus and a strategic mind, balancing an eye for details with the capacity to see the big picture.

With key spiritual gifts of leadership and administration, this individual will serve alongside our senior pastor and mission and ministry council, working together to set, drive, and implement the strategic vision for Mount Olive Lutheran Church. Additional areas of management and oversight include human resources, risk management, finance, and facilities.

If interested, please contact Pastor Jon Haakana or President Tony Walsh.

Opening: Director of Worship | Zion Lutheran Church, Mayer

Zion Lutheran Church, Mayer, is looking for a part-time director of worship for their Sunday 10:30 a.m. service. This person will work closely with the pastor(s) to organize the worship service—including music and musicians. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of the LCMS faith and its practices, extensive experience with selecting music, good team skills, and the ability to play the piano or another instrument and / or sing. The director of worship should also have knowledge of technology used during the services, including PowerPoint and sound systems.

This is a salaried position estimated at about 10 hours per week. If interested, apply through Zion’s website here.