POBLO Volunteer Highlight

"Hi, I'm Paula Muth, and I'm a recently retired technical writer from IBM. I was intrigued when I heard about the possibility of teaching English to immigrants through the POBLO ministry. It was a leap of faith to volunteer to teach immigrants. Today we have an English class coordinator, and we are holding 13 classes this semester. My role at the Center is to schedule the substitute teachers when the assigned teacher has a conflict. I also fill in as a sub as needed. I have found this experience to be very rewarding. The students are eager to learn and so appreciative of everything that is offered to them.

One student told me about the time she and her husband came to Rochester. She did not speak English very well; she had no friends. Oftentimes, at the end of the day she would cry because of everything she left behind and just the overwhelming nature of trying to learn a new language and culture. Today, she is full of smiles and is doing very well in her class work. She considers the POBLO volunteers to be her family. That's what the POBLO ministry brings to immigrants – lasting relationships, friendships, and connections."

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