Episode 7: Upworks

The staff of Upworks (upworksmn.org) shares with us who they are, what they do, and how their ministry serves people in need. Visit their website to learn more about how you can get involved!

Upworks has two main programs: Empowering & Restoring Adults and Engaging Schools. 

Empowering & Restoring Adults: Using a network of Life Advocates, business partners and nonprofit partners, UpWorks will guide, support and seek to ultimately place clients in jobs that are sustainable and above the poverty level. The most significant aspect of this arrangement lies in the role of Life Advocates.

Life Advocates are Christian volunteers who provide support through relationships, coaching, and calling to action. Life Advocates are not “fixing” problems, they ask open ended questions, push the client to discover their own solutions, and support the client’s’ next steps in employment and education goals.

UpWorks provides training on how to coach, use UpWorks’ tools, and additional resources to help our clients begin to set goals and move forward. Life Advocates provide the willingness to build a relationship, we provide the support. Every Life Advocate must first attend an orientation and training which occur on a regular basis.

Engaging Schools is a collaborative effort to encourage and equip Christian congregations to connect with their local schools.

Schools, frequently the hub of the community, face the same joys and struggles of the community. Located nearby, churches can come alongside to serve and display the love of God.

Our aim is to help prepare and empower churches’ volunteers to serve the community though the school by building consistent and committed relationships through caring, serving or tutoring. Join in the growing movement in blessing our neighborhoods and families with the love of God.