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Abuse & Addiction

Out of the Shadows

If someone you love has an addiction, you can make changes that can free you for a life of joy and peace. Learn how to stop feeling responsible for your loved one’s choices.

Pornography and the Search for Intimacy

This booklet outlines the four stages of sexual addiction and shares steps to restoring and rebuilding our relationships with God and others.


What's the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word "rich?" Our culture places a strong emphasis on money. People who develop a gambling problem go beyond mere security.

Self-Control in an Addictive World

Addiction may be our greatest mental, physical, financial, and spiritual challenge. When you cannot find self-control, you cannot experience the joy-filled life you want. This booklet answers these and other questions to give you hope for a life that is addiction-free. 

Battles with the Bottle

You never planned for the battles alcohol introduced into your life. But you can experience victory over them-the victory called recovery.

Domestic Violence

Has God Abandoned Me?

This booklet is designed to answers questions and help you understand the cycle of violence, develop a plan for the future and know that God will never forsake them.


The Conflict at Home: Confronting PTSD

The psychological and physical upheaval of PTSD is discussed in this booklet and reminds the reader this struggle is winnable.

There's More to Anger that Getting Mad

This booklet provides productive ways to express your anger, what to say, and how to say it.

"THHHPPTT!" And Other Helpful Ways to Manage Anger

Provides productive ways to express your anger, what to say, and how to say it-and what to do when your best efforts at good communication fail.

The Mystery of You

Feel like you're a failure and ashamed? This booklet helps you analyze you through your life and offers practical suggestions and insights for being closer to the one who loves you and knows you.

Unlocking the Prison of Guilt

What has locked you in a prison of guilt? Learn how one man found freedom from the guilt of an adulterous affair and murder, and how you can have the same freedom.

Depression Understanding the Pieces of the Puzzle

This booklet can assist in detecting other’s struggle and respond knowledgeably and with compassion.

Dealing with Depression

This booklet explore some of the many causes of depression & suggests some appropriate courses of action to minimize its effects. 

God Is Bigger Than Your Grief

"People say Jesus is with me but then why do I sometimes feel so alone ? Will this grief ever end? What should I do with my feelings ? Sometimes they frighten me. Read about how to find his light in the darkest time".

Surviving a Loved One's Suicide

Grieving the loss of a loved one is painful enough, but as a suicide survivor you face a more complicated grief because you must also deal with the fact that your loved one chose to die.

Get a Grip!

Brimming with strategies for managing moodiness. Learn about common emotional triggers, how your mood can affect others, and the criteria behind major depression.

Take Heart in Your Grief

This booklet explores the common feelings people have during a grieving period. Not even death can stop God's love from reaching out to us.

Overcoming a Painful Childhood

Learn how to cope with memories of abuse, how to care for your particular needs as a survivor, and how to build a better future.

No Need to Fear

Anxiety effects more than 20 million Americans everyday. This booklet takes a look at some of the sources of anxiety and points to a source of help and hope.

Own the Zone

Running on empty? Feeling zapped with zilch energy? There's no day better than today to begin reaching for the energy you need for the life you lead.

Stressed but Connected

If you're accepting stress as a way of life, this booklet is for you. From setting healthy boundaries to delimiting procrastination, these sensible strategies will help you manage stress.

Where's God in All of This?

God's Spirit reminds us that even in the midst of seemingly pointless suffering, God has a purpose and it will ultimately work for our good because God has called us as His children. 

Feeling Lonely

Learn how to admit your loneliness and lessen your own feelings isolation by encouraging others.

Losing A Baby Without Losing Hope

Find hope through one woman’s story of grieving the loss of her baby through miscarriage.

When Facing Death…

Hurt and heartache. Sorrow and separation. These words take on new meaning when one faces death. This pamphlet helps those who are facing death understand that death cannot be denied, but through Jesus, it can be defeated.

Families & Relationships

Beyond Divorce

This booklet offers help to people within the complexities of divorce and the recovery in the realm of healing that God provides.

Parents of Prodigals

Ever since the first "prodigals" – Adam and Eve- God teaches us forgiveness and reconciliation to apply in any parent-child relationship.

For Better... For Worse

This booklet shares four principles of a healthy marriage and provides practical recommendations to maintain the love that brought you together in the first place.

Talking Openly with Kids

Recognizing the signs of trouble in your children as well as understanding your own nonverbal messages are two areas necessary for establishing effective communication patterns.

Raising Your Children with Respect

Offers helpful tips for building a rewarding relationship with your children. Includes suggestions for open communication, stimulating creativity, and setting the right example.

Life Together

Explores the rich and diverse context in which God defines families on earth and examine the behaviors and attitudes that characterize strong, healthy relationships.

Finding Peace

Many of us frazzled by Family problems, stress at work, and financial woes. Read true stories of people who have found hope and healing for the problems caused by anxiety.

Parenting Families - "Practical Strategies for the Blended Family"

Insights especially for single parents from an expert family counselor. The strategies and helpful guidelines provided will help families go from blended to bonded.

Parenting with Purpose

Inside this booklet, you'll discover practical insights to strength the way you relate to your children-helping you find the Christ-centered rhythm God intends for you and your family.

Parenting Families: Practical Strategies for Family Life

Insights from this expert family counselor, help parents in all family situations, forms strong, unified family unit, and develop self-controlled, independent children.

Parenting Families - "Practical Strategies for the Single Parent"

Insights especially for single parent families from an expert family counselor. The strategies and helpful guidelines provided wil help parents build a strong family unit.

Healing After an Affair

The author and her husband know first-hand the hurt that an affair can have on a marriage. Her story offers hope and practical help for other couples going through the same difficult process.

Staying Together in Tough Times

When you first met and were discovering the unique joy of being together, you had no doubt that this was right. But life isn't predictable and it certainly isn't always happy. Learn how you can keep you marriage together when dark clouds roll in.

Hoping for a Child

Because the desire to be a parent affects so many facets of life-identity, self-worth, life goals - the pain of infertility also reaches into all those places. Find out how there is comfort for you.

Speaking of Care

This booklet is about the demanding and complicated relationship between care givers and care receivers. Particularly when this connection occurs within the same household.

Those Who Support

This prayer guide is designed to be used by the loved ones of those serving in the United States Military. a companion prayer guide, Those Who Serve, is also available for use by those in the military, separated by miles but sharing the same concerns.

Now You're Talking

One characteristic of healthy relationships is effective communication. Discover common fears, Biblical resolutions for conflict and 18 tips for building stronger relationships.

Physical Health

Surviving Breast Cancer

The story of one woman who faced breast cancer, learned to cope, and found hope in the midst of the ordeal. Her suggestions and spiritual strength offer guidance and encouragement.


This booklet explores the impact of the disease on both the patient and the caregiver, offering insights of the joys that are still possible.

Coping with Cancer

Learn about the changes a cancer diagnosis brings through the reflections of those who struggle with the disease. Using the "Lord's Prayer" as a basis, it offers words of comfort.

Finding Hope

The Gem Called Hope

When life caves in around you, where do you look for hope? Discover how Jesus meets our need for hope perfectly without flaws, right where we are, whatever our condition.

No Need to Run Away

Scores of people are running in all directions. Could it be that they are running away from the voice of conscience inside? Discover how the voice of guilt can be silenced in the true promise of hope.

Discovering Hope

Discover hope amidst turmoil in the one true anchor you can hold onto-the solid, safe anchor that will never let you go!

Life Skills

Alone, Alive, Fulfilled

"Being Single" this booklet shares insights on the meaning, love and contentment with which God can fill your heart.

Managing Your Money

This booklet was written by someone who has struggled first- hand with financial failure and explores the emotional component of money problems and provides practical money management tools to help you gain clarity and hope for your financial future.

Healthy from the Inside Out

Inside you'll find a plan for evaluating your current lifestyle and tips for developing healthy eating and living patterns. Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.

Finding Balance

Feel like you're being pulled in a thousand directions at once? Packed with practical suggestions, this booklet offers great insight into managing your life.

Living with True Confidence

This booklet offers valuable insight through using the stories of three women, with complex and demanding lives. Each one faced the world with unshakable confidence and certainty.

A Matter of Time

In the midst of working, caring for the kids, running the house and making time for your spouse let alone yourself, life can be overwhelming! Learn how one man found a way to take control of his life with an effective and efficient time management technique.

Taking Control

Do you feel overextended-controlled by expectations of others? This booklet will help you strike a balance by developing healthy boundaries.

Something to Live For

Sometimes life is like spokes without a hub, lacking a center where all the pieces can fit together with meaning. Discover the solid center around which your life can be built.

Spiritual Life

Forgiveness is a Choice

The act of forgiving is central to many problems people have with each other. God’s free gift of forgiveness leads to peace and eternal life.

Forgiveness is For Giving

Everyone needs forgiveness and everyone needs to forgive. Discover how forgiveness, offered and received, leads to a transforming peace.

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

A commonly asked question and often hard to answer, especially in the face of someone's heartache. This booklet provides clear and easy to understand insights and show how God wants to comfort you in all situations.

Talking with God

This booklet offers fresh insight into commonly asked questions: Does prayer really work? Is there a right way to pray? Ideal for both new and life-long Christians.

The Purpose of Living, The Purpose of Dying

Chronicles the life of Ron Casteel from the day he was diagnosed with AIDS. His discovery of the purpose of life and how he applied that to his remaining time on earth is a powerful and moving story for all.