Ideas for Promoting WELLNESS in Your Congregation

DESIGNATE a bulletin board for nutrition information and activity events and keep the bulletin board current

USE church newsletter to promote healthy lifestyles

OFFER Bible study devotional links to encourage vital spiritual lives

INITIATE a community book club to read/discuss books together

RECRUIT/SPONSOR a parish nurse to keep health issues before your congregation

HOST blood pressure checks at your congregation

SUBSTITUTE fresh fruit in place of donuts typically served between services

OFFER exercise classes at your church and collaborate with your city's parks and recreation department

START a walking group to go for walks together (in cold weather, encourage use of church facilities for walking)

COOPERATE with the local hospital and their health education department to hold healthy cooking classes

HOST a bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or 5k and have members get pledges per mile

IMPLEMENT a tobacco-free policy in your church and on the property

START a community garden on the church grounds and donate the harvest to a local food shelf, or elderly in the church and community

ENCOURAGE members to download a pedometer app to their smart phone to keep track of steps and set goals for daily activity

HOLD a hula hoop Hoopla for kids and adults and include your pastor :)

THINK of other ideas that PROMOTE WELLNESS in your congregation/community