Cancer Companions Peer Counselor Training - Oct. 2014

Imagine- church volunteers being in the midst of a person’s cancer journey to offer companionship and hope by meeting one to one at a coffee shop or gathering with others in a Christian support group. This is the vision of Cancer Companions

-The American Cancer Society reports that in 2014 1,665,540 new cancer cases will be diagnosed, and 585,720 cancer deaths will occur in the US.

-Statistics show that a church with attendance of 200 will have approximately 8 congregants who have had cancer.

Theological Convocation - Jan. 2014

The Doctrine of the Call: With an Emphasis on its Relationship to the COP Document Calls vs. Contracts 

Legacy Church Summit - Nov. 2013

A Legacy Church is defined numerically as congregations with 50 or less in weekly attendance. A Legacy Church is further defined by the district as the pursuit of all possible options available for continuation of word and sacrament ministry in all congregational locations throughout the district.

Innovations in Ministry Conference - 2010




Minnesota State Pastors Conference - May 2014

Monday we’ll ask, “What will pastoral formation look like in the next generation.” President Dale Meyer of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, and Prof. Jeff Pulse of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, will present. LCMS President Matt Harrison will preach Monday night and present on Tuesday his thoughts on the LCMS in the next generation. Wednesday morning, David Kinnaman (author, unChristian and You Lost Me) will help us reach the next generation of millennials inside and outside the church. Appropriately, MNS District DCEs, DCOs, and deaconesses will join us for this Wednesday session. View Registration Packet

New Wineskins - October 2013

2013 President's Professional Church Workers Conference - Discover effective ministries of Minnesota South District churches and leaders intentionally engaged in the mission of God.

State Pastoral Conference - May 2013

The Great Continuation