Oberammergau Travel Opportunity | August 2020

Pastor Bob Gehrke of South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake will be leading a trip to Germany—including Oberammergau—with his wife, Lynn, August 11-21, 2020. Join them in visiting Berlin and Potsdam. Then, follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther, starting in Wittenberg and travelling to other Luther sites. (Many of them were recently renovated for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.) Next, we will visit Nürnberg and finally travel to Oberammergau for their Passion Play, which is only put on every 10 years.

This opportunity becomes for many attendees a once-in-a-lifetime travel event. Our travel company, Trans World Travel, Inc., knows their customers expect quality hotels in central locations, the services of an excellent tour manager, and some of the best seats for the Passion Play—all of which will be provided on this tour.

Contact Information: Why not join Pastor Gehrke and Lynn for a wonderful, memorable tour? For further information about this travel opportunity, the itinerary, and the cost, please contact Pastor Bob Gehrke by e-mail at pastorgehrke@gmail.com or by phone at 651-429-4293 (church) or 651-503-7032 (cell).