Disaster Response

In the wake of the recent storms and floods in Nebraska and throughout the Midwest, LCMS Disaster Response is working to organize relief efforts. The Nebraska District is also coordinating relief efforts. Trained LERT (Lutheran Early Response Training) volunteers should register with the new national database of LERT trained volunteers using the registration code of ‘9999.’

Additionally, the Minnesota South District is collecting information on any local congregations, schools, day cares, and communities that have been affected by flooding so we can inform LCMS Disaster Response of any needs. We're also collecting information from anyone who has resources to help with disaster relief in Minnesota and other areas. Please contact Rev. Schulze at the District office if you have a need or are able to assist: 952-223-2154 or bob.schulze@mnsdistrict.org.

The Nebraska District shared the following prayer for use during worship:

Gracious Lord, Creator of the heavens and the earth, the sea and the sky, and all that lives and breathes within them: we thank you for all these good gifts and how they have benefited us in our lives. Because of the curse that you so rightly leveled against us on account of sin, frustration and calamity befalls us. Be with us through these storms, help us to weather them while faithfully turning to You for all that we need. Raise up your people to respond with generosity, love, and support. Sustain those who have been displaced by storm or flood and give them hope in the reminder that though they suffer in this present time, their troubles are not worth comparing with the glory that will yet be revealed in us because of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. In His name we pray, amen.