Greece and Oberammergau Travel Opportunity

Pastor Mark Tewes of Living Christ Lutheran Church in Chanhassen will be leading a trip to Greece and Oberammergau, Germany, with his wife, Deb, in August of 2020. Join them in visiting—both by cruise ship and by land travel—sites in Greece where the Apostle Paul traveled, began, or nurtured churches. Next will be a short stay in Ephesus, which is located in modern day Turkey. The visits to Greece and Turkey will give travelers a better perspective and unique insights about the circumstances and challenges that people faced at the time of the writing of Scripture.

The trip will end in Germany with the Oberammergau passion play, which is offered only one summer season every 10 years. The passion play is known around the world for the dedication of the people of Oberammergau. This opportunity becomes for many attendees a once-in-a-lifetime travel event. Our travel company, Jerusalem Tours, provides excellent service to those involved on their tours both to the Holy Land as well as other destinations.

Join Pastor Tewes and Deb for a wonderful tour which will give you a greater perspective and understanding of the Bible. For further information about this travel opportunity, the itinerary, and the cost, please contact Pastor Mark Tewes by e-mail at or by phone at 952-934-5110 (church) or 952-200-2954 (cell).