Oberammergau Passion Play 2020

OBERAMMERGAU PASSION PLAY 2020.  SEPTEMBER 29th – OCTOBER 9th. SPECIAL HOST – KEN KLAUS,  THE LUTHERAN HOUR SPEAKER EMERITUS.  In the year 1633, the Black Plague came to the tiny Alpine village of Oberammergau.  With death all around them the townspeople made a vow:  If God would spare them, they would act out the story of our Savior’s Passion every ten years.  After the vow was made, nobody else died from the Plague.  And so for the past 380 years, the performances have become a globally known masterpiece of theater and music.  With most villagers on the stage, in the orchestra pit, or behind the scenes, they ensure that every Passion Play presentation is filled with passion, love and devotion to our Lord.   You can experience Oberammergau!  Pastor Jon Vollrath is serving as a host for a special ten day tour to the Oberammergau play and to many other sites throughout Switzerland and Germany – Zurich, Lucerne, Innsbruck, Oberammergau, Munich, Augsburg, Heidelberg, and a Rhine River cruise.  Special devotions and inspiring talks are provided by Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Lutheran Hour Speaker emeritus; and, Pastor Bill Yonker, humorist and nationally known presenter.  The cost per person is $4989.  Breakfast and dinner are included.  For more information, please contact Pastor Jon Vollrath at 507.272.3104 or by email:  pastorjonvollrath@ yahoo.com.