2018 Glory of Christ Liturgy Workshop

The Lord's Divine Service: A Matter of Life and Death

Saturday May 19th, 2018  

Office of Matins 8:30am  
Workshop begins at 9am  
Closing devotion at 3pm

The Lord's Divine Service to us prepares and equips us to die - to self, in service to the neighbor, and when our last hour comes. This workshop will consider how the gifts of Christ to us in the Divine Service strengthen us in faith toward God and love toward the neighbor both in our living and our dying. In God's giving and our receiving, we learn what it means to be truly human and, having seen the Lord's salvation, to depart in peace according to His Word.

Rev. Peter Brock is pastor of St. John Lutheran Church in Decatur, IN and an adjunct instructor for Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. He teaches Theological Ethics at the seminary in Fort Wayne, and has taught courses on the Pentateuch, Prophets, and John at the seminaries in Tanzania and Ghana. Rev. Brock also serves as the Indiana District Secretary. 

Registration fee:  $25.00 per person.  You can register online at www.gloryofchrist.org and call 763-478-6031 with questions.