Holly Newton Swift - Bethlehem Art Gallery, Minnetonka

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Minnetonka, MN, is  thrilled to be showing the work of artist Holly Newton Swift. Holly's pictures immerse us in the still beauty of nature, making us feel as if we are the first to ever see this place.

She writes, "Place is the starting point for my art. Through an understanding of our environment we define who we are as individuals and begin to look at life’s mysteries and meaning. I have moved several times throughout the US, each time immersing myself in the landscape and becoming an explorer, recording my discoveries in sketchbook, camera, and memory.  I have felt such intimacy with a place as I work over the course of a day - following paths of light, clarifying a chaotic tangle of branches, or dissolving highly textured rock into sensuous surfaces. This has led me to using different techniques and materials in translating the same subject to elicit different aspects of the subject.  These approaches led me away from the idea of depiction and resulted in a more experiential exploration of the place. "

We invite you to come see her work and use the attached poster to let others know about the show, which will be up through January 2018.

The gallery is open during the week.  Call the church office for hours 952-934-9633.