Prayers of the Month

Lord of time and new beginnings, give us good judgment to know what new things to do for you this year, and grant us the inner strength to finish each job we begin; so may we full know the joy of doing Your will; so may Your Kingdom come on earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Gracious Lord, by Your Holy Spirit deepen my faith and trust in You. Also increase my compassion for others that I might more and more reflect Your compassion towards those near and far from faith. Keep me from developing a judgmental spirit out of insecurity or superiority. Relieve any fears I have of entering conversations about faith. Help me to remember that when I speak Your truth, Your Holy Spirit empowers my words. As Paul counseled the young man Timothy, keep me from engaging in meaningless and often destructive debates about trivial matters of belief that can be used by Satan to dissuade and discourage people from receiving You in their life. Let my peace and confidence be seen in all I do and say; through Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen. 

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