Pray for the Mission

Lord, the season of Lent is upon us. It is a time when some people give up luxuries in order to assume new duties and practice old pieties. A time when some people do their Spring cleaning, and buy new clothes for Easter. But what did You do Lord to make this season what it is? You got away from people: away from the distracting things of daily life, because You wanted to listen to Your Father and find His way to conquer evil and liberate Your friends. Then You returned and met life at the points where good and evil meet, and everybody saw the power of God in You. So what do I do Lord in this restless age? The terrible temptation is to rush around every day being busy. There is a terrible temptation to think I can’t find time for quiet, or even find a quiet place. But in my heart of hearts I know that I need You. In this age of smart phones and live data streams and text messaging and social media I need You, and I need to make time and find a place: a time and a place to re-learn the art of listening, Lord, and to get to know You better.

Help me to do that this Lent, Lord.  Amen.

Lord, I know You know, but I must confess that I have sometimes blamed You for the hardships of my life. Like Job in the Bible, in my pain and confusion, I have challenged Your wisdom and assumed You were being unfair to me. You confronted Job. You challenged his limited understanding of the “bigger picture,” and how great is Your love and concern for us. Forgive my arrogance Lord. By Your Holy Spirit increase my faith and trust. Help me to place the blame where blame belongs on the Devil, the sinful nature of the world, and my own sinfulness. Encourage me with Your favor. Don’t allow me to be tempted or tested beyond my ability to withstand the challenge. Restore, renew, and strengthen me oh Lord. Amen.

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