Call Day Placements

Dawn Kooi, Nickolas Kooi, President Dean Nadasdy 

Dawn Kooi, Nickolas Kooi, President Dean Nadasdy 

This year's Call Days at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, were held April 26 and 27, respectively. We are pleased to announce that Minnesota South District congregations have received five pastoral candidates and one vicar.


Pastoral Candidates

Daniel Bodin, Associate Pastor, South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church, White Bear Lake

Richard Her, Pastor, Hmong Lutheran Church, St. Paul 

Nickolas Kooi, Pastor, Emmaus Lutheran Church, St. Paul

Adam Matheny, Assistant Pastor, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Mankato

Toby Schmidt, Associate Pastor, Cross View Lutheran Church, Edina (currently serving 4th year vicarage at Cross View)


Scott Pitsch, Woodbury Lutheran Church

We pray that God bless them and their families as they complete their academic requirements and move to Minnesota!