New Church Plant Update

By Rev. Andy Audette

Ed. Note: Rev. Audette serves as Associate Pastor of theAlley, Cottage Grove, and will be planting Remedy Church through the New Church Incubator.

There was a two-week period in early September that was really hard. During a time where our family had opportunities to connect with potential planting partners, present ideas, and engage in potential planting community we found a series of illnesses, injuries, and vehicle troubles setting us back at the exact moments progress was being made with the new church.

I’ve never given a lot of thought to “spiritual warfare” type stuff, but this was a little weird. The day we were supposed to hold our first prayer meeting for the new church, our oldest child came down with strep and we no longer able to have people over. We almost cancelled the meeting, but when we thought about how all these things seem to happen when we’re actively involved in the new church, we knew we couldn’t.

At the last minute, we changed the location with an update of what was going on. Our attendance ended up doubling as people came out of the woodwork to pray with us and for us about a new church that would connect disconnected people to Jesus.

We know God is up to something big, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Please be in prayer for our family for protection and perseverance to follow God’s mission!