In Prison and You Visited Me

Last year, the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) reported that 60% percent of those incarcerated never receive a visitor. It also noted that of all the visits, just 2% are done by clergy.

No doubt there is a reason for these numbers. Pastors are busy with their own congregations and have confirmation classes. They call on the sick, write sermons, and have many important duties. Visiting prisoners is, of course, a time consuming process which often entails lots of red tape. Still, the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew are quite clear.

In response, we have created a special and historic partnership with the DOC. Pastors in this program will receive a special prioritized professional visitation status which will minimize red tape and allow them to visit without distraction during the same time that lawyers can visit.

The program is set up for a maximum of one prisoner for one hour per month. Pastors may also schedule less than that. If one were to calculate a minister's time at forty hours per week for one month (conservatively), this time commitment would be less than one percent.

Pastors to Prisoners begins with the Faribault prison. We invite all ordained ministers to sign up. If you are in the Faribault area or even perhaps the Twin Cities, you would be in driving distance. For more details, message Jim Seemann.