Prayers of the Month

Too often, dear Lord, we are like solitary grains of wheat unwilling to die, but bearing within ourselves all that You require to speak to the world, all that You require to make Yourself known to mankind, all that You require to cause such a light to shine that every dark corner of creation might be illuminated by the radiance of Your love.  So save us, merciful Father, from living for ourselves, save us from abiding alone, imprisoned by our fears, isolated by our ambitions, deformed by our conceit.  May the Spirit of Jesus move us to follow Him; may the power of the cross make us take it up.  Give us the ability, and give us the will, and give us the understanding to lay down our life.  So shall we be free from ourselves, free to live, and so shall be we bear much fruit, through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Gracious Heavenly Father, I call You Lord but I want to be in charge. Help me remember I am Your servant, dear Savior. Help me to order my life according to Your will and not my own selfish desires. Thank You for those in positions of authority—for the president, congress and the courts. Give special influence and wisdom to those who lead according to Your values, O Lord. Bless our church and our Christian leaders, Gracious Father. Give us humble hearts properly motivated to serve You by helping each other. Through Jesus our Savior, Amen.

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