Prayers of the Month


Heavenly Father, we thank You for all Your goodness to us, and especially at this time when we rejoice in the knowledge of Christ’s victory over death. Help us to understand and appreciate more deeply all that the resurrection means, and may we show in our lives the joy which belief in Christ’s promise brings, and so draw others into the experience of Your love and its power to change lives; for His dear Name’s sake. Amen. 

Almighty God our Father, we have seen You in the evidence of changed lives and in the growth of Your Church from eleven men in Jerusalem to a world-wide fellowship which has spread through time and space. We have seen present day missionaries leave all and follow You. We have seen lost and bitter skeptics changed into compassionate, caring Christians. We have seen the burning joy of men and women who have undergone great hardship, and yet remained faithful to You. We have seen all this, and still we sometimes wander and wonder if You are real… So, Father, we ask that by the power of Your Holy Spirit, You would prove Yourself again and again and again to us this Easter season. Make the person and work of Jesus so vivid and vital and visual to and in us that we must exclaim: “Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again!” Amen. 

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