New Mission-field Opens in Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester Ministry opens.jpg

By Rev. Dr. Gary Rohwer, POBLO International

POBLO missionary Mesgana Morris is amazed by the outpouring of donations and the many volunteers who are stepping up to serve the ethnic community in Rochester, MN. Flyers about POBLO’s human care programs have been delivered to hundreds of people from many nationalities: Sudanese, Somali, Ethiopian and others. With the help of local Christian immigrants, Mesgana is getting the message of “We’re Here to Serve” out. Everyone is very excited, a Somali woman even told Mesgana she has some nice clothes which she would like to donate for others in need.

Mesgana knows how important this first step of meeting and serving people is:

“We want to get into their lives and communicate that Christian people are there for them. By loving, caring, and giving of our time to help and teach, we earn the right to be heard. The churches and God’s people will be the focal point. They don’t know yet that the church doors are open for them. The volunteers will show them through practical love.”

Mesgana is meeting immigrants in restaurants, grocery stores, and places of business. He is also working hard with POBLO missionary mentor, Rev. Paul Haugen, and his wife, Bonnie, to coordinate the many volunteers who’ve offered to help.

Mesgana emphasizes that people have been very friendly, very open:

“While we naturally fear the unknown, we should simply know that we will be communicating love through what we do, people will really appreciate that, and in the process, many will not only know that Christians love, but will meet the source of our love, Jesus Christ.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please call Mesgana 507.258.4155 or Bonnie Haugen 507.951.4476

The Minnesota South District, Churches of the Rochester Circuit, and People of the Book Lutheran Outreach (POBLO) are partnering to reach new people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their Rochester Minnesota office was officially opened in January, 2013.