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Compensation & Employment

Schools, churches, and other LCMS ministries in the Minnesota South District are encouraged to use the tools below to ensure they are compensating their workers fairly.

New compensation tools for 2019-20

At its May 2019 meeting, the Minnesota South District Board of Directors approved the use of the Compensation Decision Support Tool made available by Concordia Plan Services. Moving forward, the Compensation Decision Support Tool should be used to calculate compensation for LCMS pastor and parish professionals and LCMS school educators.

Note that there is a login page for both tools; “CPS” is both the username and password.

If you have questions or need assistance using the tool, please contact Minnesota South District Treasurer & Business Manager Rick Marko.

Compensation guidelines for churches

Using the LCMS Church tool, churches can create compensation estimates for most parish positions, including sole pastor, senior pastor, associate pastor, director of Christian education (DCE), director of Christian outreach (DCO), deaconess, director of family life ministry (DFLM), director of parish music (DPM), and lay minister.

Compensation guidelines for schools

Using the LCMS Schools tool, schools can create compensation estimates for most positions, including teacher, assistant teacher, head principal / administrator, assistant principal / administrator, and early childhood director. Schools from preschools to high schools can use this tool.