Commissioned Workers

Commissioned workers (ministers) serve our district in a wide variety of ways, including as teachers, directors of Christian education (DCEs), deaconesses, directors of Christian outreach (DCOs), directors of parish music (DPMs), lay ministers, directors of family life ministry (DFLMs), and parish assistants. We praise God for the many unique ministries the commissioned workers in our district serve.

Become a commissioned worker

Commissioned ministers are trained through traditional undergraduate or graduate programs at one of our nine universities in the Concordia University System. Professional church workers and teachers who already have a degree may receive this training through the colloquy process. Financial aid through the district is available to all who are pursuing membership on the commissioned minister roster, through the traditional undergraduate / graduate route or through the colloquy route.

Teacher-specific resources

Your Minnesota South District office contacts

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Sean Martens
Assistant to the President for Education & Commissioned Ministers
952-223-2152 |

Sean provides consulting services and assistance to the schools, administrators, and teachers of the district.

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Sarabeth Marcello
Communications Manager & Commissioned Workers Assistant
952-223-2156 |

Sarabeth provides administrative support to the schools, administrators, and teachers of the district. She primarily works with roster and call paperwork.

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