For sale: Arts Attack curriculum | Excelsior

Available for $200.00/Level.

Arts Attack is a video-based art curriculum developed for use in the elementary school, ideally grades K-6 (however we used it up to 8th grade). Each level includes a three-ring binder of resources to support the teacher as well as the six DVDs that teach the students the actual lesson. This tool does not include any of the materials necessary for the students to produce the art once they enter the hands-on portion of the lesson.

Levels available include: Grades 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.

These materials are like new. 

If interested in any or all of these materials, please contact Fred Limmel at Our Savior, Excelsior: 952-457-2630 ext. 226 or email him:

For Sale: Supplemental hymnbooks

Three supplemental hymnbooks for biblical sermon hymns are available from Pastor Lyle Kath, formerly of the MN South District, and current associate pastor at Immanuel, Wahpeton, SD. These hymnbooks are not a replacement for your current hymnal—they are a supplement.

Series A, B, and C use Scripture from each Sunday’s reading, with series A & C including extra hymns and texts from Psalms, Proverbs, and favorite Scriptures many pastors use when preaching outside the pericopes. More information is available on Pr. Kath’s website Questions and orders can be emailed to Pr. Kath by clicking here.

Sermon Hymns B Preview Cover.jpg