Administrators Inservice

Friday, February 2, 2018

Minnesota South District Office

This administrators inservice is intended to introduce the potential of services of Curriculum Trak and Tec21, how they could be collaboratively utilized by Minnesota South District schools, and how they can be made affordable through To All Generations grants.


11:00 – Welcome, Devotion, Opening Notes

11:30 – Curriculum Trak Curriculum Mapping

12:30 – Lunch

1:00 – Tec21 Technology integration in teaching and learning.

2:00 – Discussion on To All Generations grants for Curriculum Trak and/or Tec21

Who is this for:

School Administrators, curriculum specialists, and teachers with a special interest in curriculum are welcome to attend whether they are paid staff or volunteers.

Cost: Free (please register by emailing by January 31 so that we have a count for lunch)

Challenged by small size and/or limited resources, it is not uncommon for Lutheran schools to be behind where they should be in terms of curriculum development. Curriculum Trak is a multidisciplinary tool that allows teacher to effortlessly develop standards based curriculum maps, unit designs, and lesson plans.  Curriculum Trak’s platform accommodates sharing, so that multiple teachers from multiple schools could share in curriculum development.  No longer is a teacher alone in developing curriculum when LCMS schools collaborate curriculum mapping.

Administrators are challenged to providing meaningful professional development opportunities for staff to be excellent utilizers of technology integrated in teaching and learning. Through unique, inspiring workshops, TEC21 equips Lutheran teachers to use technology to engage, motivate and educate children for life. We bring educators together to examine, question, evaluate and understand technology, and develop practical applications for the classroom.